My fascination with photography goes way back.  I received my first camera at around age 1o.  Back then,  the flash came in a cube and the film in a canister!!  I went through a lot of flash and film over the years and learned a lot of what I should not do the next time I shot.  Years went by with the same film- type point and shoots, until I invested in my first film SLR.  Once I  held that SLR and used it...I realized how much I was missing with the point and shoots!!!  Along came baby #1 and that SLR got a lot of use!!!  I have beautiful prints of Carter as an infant.  I was learning all I could about lighting and composition, while mastering all the manual setting of the film SLR.  Then along came baby #2.  While the digital age was exploding, I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on my hobby.  I continued to capture great images, but was disappointed that I couldn't keep them on a computer.  At that point, I was getting requests from friends and family to capture images of them and their families.  Soon after that,  I bought my first digital SLR.  In 2007,  K's Photography was born.  I love capturing newborns still sleeping, children playing, laughing and being silly,  seniors in their stylish clothes and individualized personality,  families  interacting and having fun together, and couples that have a certain glow about them on their wedding day.  I am an active reader of Rangefinder and Professional Photographer.  I am also a member of the Professional Photographer's of America (PPA) and am a participant of the Cincotta workshops as well as Ana Brandt's newborn workshops. Please feel free to contact me!

~ Kelly Reiland